Meet Our Staff

  • Abby

    She works with couples and families, but she also loves helping individuals (16 and older) who are seeking to improve their relationships with others in any area of their life.

    She graduated from Mercer University School of Medicine, completing their Master of Family Therapy program in 2019.

    ''I am here to be a cheerleader in life to help guide you in healing your relationships and manage your mental health at the same time. We will create goals together, and I will be a part of your support system every step of the way. One of my top goals is to help you feel safe, heard, and not judged in all of our work together.''

  • Akeem

    Akeem works with individuals from ages 16 to adulthood. He provides treatment for individuals who are dealing with daily life stressors no matter their diagnosis.

    He believes that it is important for clients to be presented with a space to feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. Akeem enjoys making therapy sessions feel like a casual conversation without judgement or bias.

    ''A mentor once told me that my goal as a therapist is to assist in a client no longer needing my help and that is what I strive to do in every session.''

  • Brandy

    She works with ages 3-18 offering play therapy for her younger clients. She specializes in working with those who experience behavioral issues including with adjustments, and life changes/transitions. She also provides service for ADHD, autism spectrum, and ODD.

    Brandy not only has a Bachelors of Psychology but she also graduated from Fort Valley State with a Masters of Science in clinical mental health counseling, while also being active in the National Honors Society.

    As a highly motivated, active therapist, her therapeutic style is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy while also having clients engage in playful activities. Her motto is “Stop and think first!”

  • Brittany
    Chief Operating Officer

    Brittany is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with anyone age 16+! She provides treatment for most mental health diagnoses, but tends to gravitate towards life transitions, OCD, BPD, anxiety and depression. 

    Brittany takes pride in providing a space for clients to be themselves and share the difficult life experiences they can't always share with others. What most clients value most about Brittany is her calm and warm presence in session. She makes sure Georgia Behavioral clients receive the best care and the company continues to run smoothly.

    “Life can be hard. Sometimes people just need to know someone is there walking through the hard stuff with them and reminding them that the hard stuff isn't permanent stuff and it does not define who they are.”

  • Heather
    Front Office Administrator

    Heather recently graduated from Middle Georgia State, earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

    As a self-love and mental health advocate, she started an online Facebook group in 2019, serving as a platform for women seeking support. The group now consists of over 4,600 members.

    ''I know firsthand how intimidating making the first appointment can be, whether it's for yourself or your child. For this reason, I ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels as comfortable as possible. I never want anyone to question whether or not they made the right decision in seeking therapy, and I want everyone to always have a good session!''

  • Jamie B

    She works with children from the age of 4 to adulthood in their 90's (her oldest patient is 98). Jamie currently has a waitlist; however, she is usually in the office from 9AM - 8PM Monday - Friday.  

    At 35 years young, she has her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Mansfield University and her Master's degree is Master of Social Work from Temple University. She is licensed in Georgia and is working on full clinical licensure, which she anticipates having in 2023. Jamie is also experienced in and has had clinical training on LGBTQIA+ best practices, addiction recovery, and serious mental illness best practices. 

    ''We currently live in a period that has caused a lot of stress, fear, and frustration, to name a few of the complicated emotions. More than ever, now we are talking about our mental health and the ways we are struggling to adjust to this ever-changing environment. I have been blessed to have worked with many individuals from various ages and backgrounds. My goal is to change your perspective on therapy and provide you with a positive and helpful experience.''

  • Jessica

    Works with children, pre teens, and teens between the ages of 5-18 years old. She also offers play therapy for her younger children.

    At 28 years old, she has been working with kids and adolescents for 3 years now. She graduated from the University of the Cumberlands with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a 4.0 GPA.

    “Since I was in high school, I have had a passion to help kids and adolescents be the best version of themselves no matter their background or diagnosis. I am loving and compassionate and will do anything to help in any way that I can.”

  • Laijun

    Works with ages 13 and older, providing treatment for teens and adults dealing with life’s challenges. 

    She understands the importance of clients finding a counselor with whom they can connect in more ways than one. Her understanding of this led her to the reason why she pursued counseling.

    “As a therapist, I believe it is important to walk in your purpose and I believe I do that every day. I realize that more people who look like me need to see us in these same spaces and recognize that mental health is something that we all deal with.”

  • LaTonya

    She works with ages 13 and older, young adults, and adults 18+.

    As a therapist and coach, she believes in the importance of clients learning to establish healthy boundaries, develop appropriate relationships, find direction in their life, and know their self-worth and value. 

    “My goal is to empower and help clients uncover their inner strengths while helping to navigate them through the different areas of life. I also want to help release themselves from shame, guilt, denial, withdrawal, low self-esteem/confidence, hurt/pain, disappointments, and trauma, all while understanding the processes of grief and/or loss. I like to meet individuals where they are, working with them in a direct, non-judgmental, safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.”

  • Octavia
    Front Office Administrator

    Ms. Octavia was born and raised in Jersey and is a mother of 4! Georgia Behavioral is the third mental health facility she has worked at, and she has been with us since the beginning of this year. 

    When possible she loves to chit chat and help clients whenever and however she can. She also is our go to Admin for DUI and drug evaluations. 

  • Traneice

    Traneice works with ages 5 to adulthood. She provides treatment for individuals, families and couples who are dealing with daily life stressors.  

    She understands the importance of clients being able to build a rapport with their counselor and adhere to a safe space. This is what inspired her to the field of counseling. 

    “I was drawn  to the field of mental health because I have a love for relationships of all kinds and a deep desire to help others understand  the emotional process of healing. I believe that it is important for you to be your authentic self and always continue to grow. The need for authentic therapists is growing with the challenging times in the world and it is imperative that everyone is able to have a safe space to receive the mental health help that we all require. I challenge you all to reach out to enhance your mental health healing.”